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If I could set up a system on your property that would detect people and vehicles when they did things you didn’t want them to do, bad things, and notify you immediately, or notify our monitoring people, would that be of interest to you?

I Was in the Right Place But It Must Have Been the Wrong Time

The “Object of Desire” in security is that thing which could cause you a real problem. It is not a dog walking across your lot or a tree swaying in the breeze. But traditional video surveillance camera systems that are motion-activated can’t distinguish between those things and the real object of desire. So they send hundreds or even thousands of false alarms in a day. You know what happens then? Nothing. No one can monitor that and look every twenty seconds just to see a tree swaying in the breeze again. So they don’t look and the thing just records.

        Thief Running After Talk-Down Warning Within 60 Seconds of Trespass


If We Could Land a Man on The Moon

Yes, technology keeps advancing.  So now there is an intelligent device that takes the input from the video surveillance cameras and it can do a better job than you or I could at figuring out who is doing what on your property. It can reliably identify  that nearly invisible tiny speck on the monitor screen as being a person 300’ away on a rainy night. The object of detection is to catch the real things. It does that. It then alerts a real monitoring person, and notifies you if you wish over your smart phone, and our monitoring  professional talks down to the intruder before they do the damage.

Got Ya!

Thieves and vandals, up until now, have been able to enter your property and feel pretty breezy and safe. Wearing a ski mask or scarf over their face they know your cameras are worthless. They can do their thing and leave. The next day you have a recording of someone 300’ away wearing a ski mask. How’s that help you? No more….

…Now within a minute of trespassing they hear a loud, clear voice of a real person looking at them. “This is security. You in the red sweatshirt. You are breaking the law. I am recording you. Police are being called.” It scares the shit out of them. They run.  If police are called they give it top priority. They like arresting people, not chasing false alarms.  So we get the object of desire.