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Perimeter Protective Systems makes available to you a range of the most advanced security products in the world. However, we know based on our decades of experience, that products alone will never make an adequate security system. It is only when they are combined with our comprehensive audit and overview of all of your security and safety factors that a truly effective change in your security situation results.

When evaluating commercial or industrial security systems or products, here are terms to be aware of:

IR Illumination

The cameras we use function is low ambient light. However, to optimize performance in low light we provide infrared illuminators. While invisible to the human eye these make it “like daylight” for the camera. They require very little energy to run. Our iluminators are precisely calibrated for effective angle of dispersion and depth of range. They have a five year warranty and an average ten year life. Cheap illuminators, by comparison, may last six months and have no specified range or angle of dispersion! 

Emza Analytic Cameras

These Israeli designed cameras are protecting critical sites around the world. They are a lower cost alternative to other brands of analytic cameras and although they do not store the recorded data in the camera, instead pushing it to storage at the monitoring center, they do provide analytic protection.

FLIR Thermal Cameras

Some situations are best addressed by the use of infrared lasers aligned with the infrared camera capable of long-range detection. The manufacturer FLIR offers these and they are partnered with VideoIQ’s analytics. Facial details are readily detected in total darkness, two miles away.

Outdoor Loudspeakers

A truly unique feature of our system is that it responds in real time with the ability of our remote officer to talk directly to the would-be-intruder or rule-violator. What good does it do you to have video surveillance that merely records incidents and does nothing to intervene? We supply powered outdoor speakers so the officer can say, “I see you trying to climb the fence. Turn around and leave.” Alternatively the officer can call the police and guide them to the perpetrator.

But for this to work the broadcast voice must be clear. Typical security industry speakers are designed for sirens. Used for voice they transmit a garbled squawk. We use high quality outdoor public address systems custom engineered to your site to provide the strongest security measures.

RFID Devices

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices are similar to your highway E-Z Pass. They are passive devices that receive a signal from a transmitter and resonate at a particular identifying radio frequency which is then read by a reader. These can be put on high value inventory or equipment for inventory control.

GPS Devices 

Global Positioning System devices can be attached to large equipment or trucks to allow tracking of their movement or detection and recovery in the event of theft.

LPR Readers

License Plate Recognition readers can be used to determine permitted entry to parking lots.

Access Controls

We offer a full line of access controls for doors and gates. These can be individually programmed such that if an employee leaves your employ, his/her code can be disabled. Devices include proximity cards, mini-radio transmitters and other configurations. Time zones and selected areas can be enabled specifically for individual users allowing levels of security. Devices also exist to allow emergency vehicles to gain entry through motorized gates.

Burglar and Fire Alarms

Although lacking the sophistication of video analytic surveillance and lacking the ability to stop an intruder before they get near your building, burglar alarms are appropriate security systems for retail stores and other applications. They are very inexpensive. Fire alarms are a crucial part of protecting your property. In sprinklerized buildings more damage is done by flooding due to faults in the sprinkler system than by fires. Accordingly we offer sprinkler alarms that detect faults and leaks.

Light Curtains and Other Safety Devices

Protecting hands, arms and bodies from contact with dangerous machinery and moving parts can be done by light curtain which are essentially a stack of optical infrared beams creating a plane in space between the transmitting end and the receiving end. This can instantly shut down the machine or conveyor belt and/or sound an alarm and trigger a strobe light warning.


Correct signage is important to reduce public liability. Signs should use visual icons so that even an illiterate person or child can get the message. They should use effective, terse wording. We can provide standard and custom signs of rugged aluminum construction. We also have a copyrighted design of a fence sign to discourage trespass.

Computer Security

Our associate Scott Ratson has two decades of expertise in computer security related to backing up and preventing loss of data as well as ways to protect privacy and security of stored and transmitted information.

A Simple Box

Security may be dramatically enhanced by something as simple and inexpensive as a locked suggestion box. By opening a channel of secure communications from the good employees to management, information can flow in about the “Don’t-rat-me-out” crowd.

This illustrates that the most expensive products and technology are not always the best solution, depending on the issue.

Fences, Gates and Physical Barriers

In a sixty mile radius of our headquarters we can directly perform expert industrial fencing and motorized gates for stronger commercial and industrial security. Nationally we can design and specify fencing for your needs. Properly designed fences last up to ten times longer than what is generally used commercially, yet they cost virtually the same. Long-term (and expensive) engineering studies commissioned by the Federal Railroad Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and adopted generally by the military, and field-tested by the American Society of Testing Materials form the basis of our superior specification of materials and designs.

As well, a correctly detailed design will be 200% to 300% more effective at preventing trespass. Razor ribbon should not be used in commercial or industrial security systems and is only proper for penal and military use. It is widespread in many inner city areas yet it may invalidate a fire claim because it can impede firefighters. It is ineffective at stopping intruders since they can simply cut it or cut the fence below it. It could cause major liability if a trespassing child was lethally entangled.

Physical barriers may be used to control where people go or where vehicles can drive. Security glass in entrance lobbies can protect the receptionist. Door releases for outer and inner doors to the lobby can prevent problems.

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