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You May Get This for Free: Insurance Discounts and Your Perimeter Protective Systems’ Video IQ System

The reason the major corporations listed scrolling on our homepage are using VideoIQ security systems is because it has proven very profitable for them. Naturally, they had the resources to invest.  Many such large corporations are self-insured and they are the ones who paid for the losses incurred from theft, vandalism and worker’s compensation claims. So it is cutting those losses.

Many large corporate facilities and campuses had extensive guard forces. By utilizing the technology we offer they were able to greatly reduce such forces and yet enjoy improved security, resulting in huge savings.

Many medium and smaller corporations purchase annual insurance policies for their risks. If a large loss is experienced due to theft, sabotage or arson or from worker’s comp or slip & fall claims or other public liability lawsuits, the insurer will usually pay the claim. But future premiums can skyrocket anywhere from a nominal 30% increase to a heftier 300% increase. In many cases, for practical purposes, the company simply becomes uninsurable. This is one reason that a large percentage of small business failures result from crimes.

Cut-rate security —the type that is an illusion of security and doesn’t really work—may be affordable for a corporation but achieves nothing. We know that the return on investment in effective security is probably the highest rate of return investment a company can make.  When you consider a company with, for example, ten million in yearly revenues or with millions of dollars of inventory and equipment, an expenditure of several thousand per month is really very little for protection. That is particularly true when you recognize that the losses that will be cut are many times greater than the expense.

Yet at Perimeter Protective Systems we wish to make our great technology and services available to companies that are fighting to survive in a tight economy or that may have limited funds for even the best investment. We innovated and organized a concept to solve this issue.