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Perimeter Protective Systems utilizes the world’s best video analytic technology. Perimeter then adds to the equation by using only top level, senior project managers for each project. Security is a matter of overview. It is a matter of “seeing around corners” or seeing what is not obvious or seeing what is obvious but is systematically overlooked by others.

Our expertise is at your service and is dedicated to maximizing your security. We have advised police, military, prisons and industry for decades. Our technicians are expert in camera and monitoring installation and networking and integration of systems.

Creative Use of Behavior Rules

Because our VideoIQ system allows rules of behavior to be set, such as direction of pedestrian or vehicular travel, areas of interest, virtual tripwires, and so forth, our creative use of these for your environment optimizes the effectiveness.  It should be noted that, by contrast, the typical cameras most companies have can’t distinguish between a bird and a person, have no rules and no intelligence whatsoever.

Some examples of behavior rules may include:

  • We may, for example, say there is no reason for an employee to go from the loading dock to the employee parking lot except when they are leaving at the end of the day. Therefore we set a directional tripwire so we can see what they are doing mid-day heading to their car or truck.
  • On a construction site or factory floor we may want our monitoring officer to look-down every couple hours to see if safety glasses are being worn.
  • Of course we have a tripwire for intruders climbing over a fence. But maybe we want another for anyone getting closer than two feet heading towards the fence from the inside. What are they doing walking way out there? Possibly passing goods out through a hole?

Our Approach and Expertise

We consider technology — of which we have the best — to be part of our overall systems approach which includes evaluating customers’ procedures, identifying and resolving issues and exposures of public liability and hazards, guiding our customers in utilizing outside free resources such as neighbors, business associates and community crime prevention officers, encouraging good, honest employees and breaking apart employee thief rings. Depending on the particulars of your situation we employ physical deterrence, controlled access, electronic monitoring, and human factors. Finally, training our customers in such things as how to deal with potential violence and threats — the F.B.I. reports 18,000 workplace acts of violence per week —and how to improve safety rule compliance through proper policies, practice and protocol are vital elements of our comprehensive safety and security approach.

Evaluation and Return on Security Investment

Perimeter Protective Systems will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current security system, and to determine your return on investment in improved security.

Studies have shown that most businesses’ security expenditures are only about 1/25th of what they lose to crimes. Also most losses go undetected although their impact on the company’s bottom line is an absolute truth. These losses get buried into other items on a financial statement such as “miscellaneous,” “shop expense,” “maintenance,” and so forth. Accordingly, companies would profit by investing more in effective security. Perimeter Protective Systems can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current security by such means as mock strikes or simply by spotting gaps. We will then guide you in more accurately auditing your actual losses so that you can correctly assess your return on investment in security. It is a wonderful opportunity for more profit for your company each year! Typically there is no greater return on any investment than investment in effective security. There is no reason for ten, twenty or thirty percent of your profits to be lost each year, mostly undetected, to crimes.

Insurance Discounts

Perimeter Protective Systems offers something that is truly unique. We will work with you to achieve discounts in your insurance premiums that may fully cover the cost of our system.

This innovative approach will require your determination and seriousness about security and safety and your willingness to negotiate with your insurer, insisting on a discount. Since their exposures will be greatly reduced by our systems, it is only fair. In the event they are not willing, we have a major A+ rated insurer that has pre-approved discounts for our system, lined up, ready to quote your business. Read more about insurance discounts.

Our Approach to Security

There are four key elements to effective security:

  1. Electronic security
  2. Physical barriers
  3. Psychological operative techniques
  4. Training

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Perimeter Protective Systems is led by Ken Hantman, a 30-year veteran of the security industry. Learn more about Ken and the Perimeter Protective Systems management team.


About Perimeter Protective Systems Download our fact sheet.

Protecting Your Core

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