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What is Video Analytics, Simply Explained? The Benefits to You and the Dramatic Differences between Video Analytics and Traditional Video Surveillance

Most simply explained, it is “computers watching cameras watching people.” Basically, instead relying on a guard to watch one of those split-screen monitors showing four little images from four cameras which switch out every few seconds to images from four other cameras, video analytics utilizes computer software that can recognize the human form and vehicles. The computer watches all cameras simultaneously without ever “blinking an eye” 24/7. It has vastly more acuity than a human.

Additionally, it is very intelligent because rules can be set for the behavior of the humans and vehicles. When the computer sees a rule broken it immediately alerts our central monitoring officer who then takes over looking at what is happening, and acts on it. The analytic software places red rectangles around the suspects and automatically follows them in high definition and it zooms in digitally, while in another part of the screen preserving the overall view of the scene.

The monitoring officer can then talk directly to the rule-breakers over a loudspeaker and tell them to leave the property. The officer can also call the police and guide them directly to the perpetrator. So, instead of just recording events, video analytics actually prevents crimes from happening.

Learn more about the benefits of proactive security and the differences between our breakthrough technology and traditional video surveillance


Features and Benefits of Video Analytics

Learn more about the 10 features and benefits of video analytics.

Can You Spot the Intruders?

Can a human guard spot the intruder in these typical video monitor screens?

Limitations on Human Guards

A guard is supposed to watch 100,000 square feet of storage and operations as well as monitor who enters and exits the property. He has to tour on foot around the premises. The thieves watch him begin his tour and head towards the area he has just left. Video Analytic software can watch all 100,000 square feet at once without ever blinking an eye.  It can see things no human could pick up. It then alerts a central monitoring professional who takes over watching and reacting, while the analytics continue to automatically target and identify the suspicious person or trespasser. This is a tremendous advancement.  Learn more.

Computational Power

Unlike typical cameras or motion-detecting cameras, our VideoIQ cameras are far advanced, as if from the future. They each contain a computer hard-drive, CPU and software of video analytics. They have the capacity to analyze complex data and to both transmit and store data.  Learn more.