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AISight Behavioral Analytics Software

Behavioral Analytics Software for Video Surveillance SystemsBRS Labs’ AISight can detect and predict threats by analyzing, on its own, “strange behavior.” This behavioral recognition technology is self-learning. True AI (Artificial Intelligence) Security. When you need to be alerted about things you could not anticipate in a complex or crowded environment like an active train station, hospital, campus or mall then AI security will automate the notification system of abnormal behavior. Your users will receive real-time alerts of potential threats and abnormalities so they can quickly respond to time sensitive events, before it is too late. Behavioral analytics is not science fiction. The self-learning software does not rely on preprogramed rules with many variables. The machine learning engine uses advanced technology based on human cognition to build behavior pattern models called hypothetical concepts. Once a normal scene is learned, the machine engine builds its own rules to determine what is abnormal without human intervention. Faulty alerts are minimized and your team can focus on actual events as they occur. What a great use of your valuable resources.

Intelligent Video Analytics

With AISight’s intelligent video analytics, you no longer have to have a Intelligent Video Analytics Uses Artificial Intelligence to Write Rulesprogrammer write rules to determine normal from abnormal. This solution uses Artificial Intelligence to learn what normal behavior is during its initial learning phase and once it automatically captures people, employees, vehicles acting normally, it will be able to recognize abnormal behavior. This unique self-learning solution can automatically detect, analyze and make decisions to alert you of actionable events from hundreds (even thousands) of cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without ever getting tired. Things which would never be looked-for or anticipated in a rules-based analytics will be flagged by this system. Things such as vehicles pulling the wrong way into one-directional driveways, fires outdoors, employees breaking procedures, tailgating through controlled access points, abnormal vibration of machinery, and a host of unexpected events are identified in this way. AISight continuously adapts and evolves, automatically adjusting to environmental changes. You can now detect truly unexpected and unpredictable events as they are occurring. Your team will receive a proactive "tap on the shoulder" in the form of a real time video alert.


  • Enhance Visibility and Efficiency of your Security Team
  • Mitigate Risks Before Hazards Occur
  • Artificial Intelligence Never Gets Fatigued or Develops Monitor Blindness
  • Save Big Money with a ProActive Approach to Security

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Video Monitoring System Integration

Integration Options
AISight’s open systems design integrates seamlessly with a wide range of VMS and PSIM solutions including but not limited to:

  • Cisco VSM
  • VidSys
  • Milestone XProtect
  • Lenel OnGuard
  • OnSSI Ocularis
  • Genetec Security Center
  • Guetebruck GeViScope
  • CNL IP Security Center