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  • Perimeter Protective Systems makes available to you a range of the most advanced security products in the world. However, we know based on our decades of experience, that products alone will never make an adequate security system. It is only when they are combined with our comprehensive audit and overview of all of your security and safety factors that a truly effective change in your security situation results. When evaluating commercial or industrial security systems or products, here are terms to be aware of.

  • Lt. John Gannon of LAPD Explains What the Police Think About Video Verified Alarms.

  • 1) “We haven’t really had any big losses and we’ve been here twenty years.” This is the single most prevalent mistake people make when assessing their risk. Statistical science is not based on taking a sample of one. The predictive power of statistics comes about by sampling a very large population. Your individual history does not reliably predict your future.

  • Naturally we all care about preventing injuries to workers and to the public. Some people think that doing the OSHA required training, or tool box talks or meetings is enough. But not if some workers are defiantly snickering under their breath, and the moment the meeting ends or the safety inspector walks away, they are back to bad habits. That is why frequent spot-checking of compliance yields real benefits. We will provide safety training that really tunes into the mindset of the employees to get them cooperating in safety.

  • Section 335 - Artificial Conditions Highly Dangerous to Constant Trespassers on Limited Area. A possessor of land who knows, or from facts within his knowledge should know, that trespassers constantly intrude upon a limited area of the land, is subject to liability for bodily harm caused to them by an artificial condition on the land, if:

  • The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates 50 billion/yr. as the cost of employee theft to business (excludes embezzlement, fraud and arson). The Amer. Soc. Industrial Security pegs it at 100 billion. The F.B.I.’s estimate is shrinkage alone of 10 – 150 billion (excludes other crimes) and total of 700 billion (includes embezzlement and fraud).

  • Fence signs, available in different sizes, posted around your fence line, are our design to make intruders think twice before entering your property.

  • Here is a screen shot from a website which reports crimes. These are recent crimes in just one square mile in Philadelphia during a five day period of time.

  • Traditional security alarms go into alarm once the intruders are in your building. Then the intruders can grab and go, or arsonists can burn and go. You need to protect your core. You need to stop intruders before they get near your core. Detect them near the perimeter. Traditional video surveillance systems just record events and do not prevent intruders getting in.

  • Authorities in Stone County have charged a former employee of a business with arson in connection to a fire that caused over a million dollars worth of damage to the business.