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  • They steal the soul and spirit out from your company. Right now employees are stealing profits from your company. They steal inventory, tools and equipment but they really are doing much more than that. They are undermining and stealing away the company spirit you worked to build. This is because the thieves are bad apples to the core. To justify themselves and to maintain their bullying over your honest employees so they “don’t rat them out” they are constantly giving their talk about how you—the owner or manager—are a real bastard or a rich show-off. These thieves are a non-stop propaganda machine against your company.

  • Below is a standard form P&L statement for the hypothetical company Nuvo Widget. They did 20 million in revenues for the year and had a net profit of 6.5 million — or so they believed. In fact they earned more than that — 7.2 million, but $700,000 was stolen away in various forms.

  • Computers cannot readily distinguish between an employee legitimately handling inventory and tools or stealing them. But certain patterns may emerge such as an employee driving their car or truck to the loading dock or the employee entering an exit door or loading a pallet onto an inbound truck at a dock or the employee walking to the employee parking lot at odd times or odd times of entry. Computers can detect these.

  • It is important to understand your perimeter security from the point of view of experienced thieves and vandals. This is usually the opposite of the impressions that owners of properties have.

  • A guard is supposed to watch 100,000 square feet of storage and operations as well as monitor who enters and exits the property. He has to tour on foot around the premises. The thieves watch him begin his tour and head towards the area he has just left. Rain, snow, darkness — all these things affect him and his ability to watch a video monitor. Given that he is human, he has to visit the rest room at times. Some days he may be out sick. Video Analytic software can watch all 100,000 square feet at once without ever blinking an eye.

  • You May Get This for Free: Insurance Discounts and Your Perimeter Protective Systems’ Video IQ System.
    The reason the major corporations listed scrolling on our homepage are using VideoIQ security systems is because it has proven very profitable for them. Naturally, they had the resources to invest. Many such large corporations are self-insured and they are the ones who paid for the losses incurred from theft, vandalism and worker’s compensation claims. So it is cutting those losses.

  • Seeing What is Not Obvious and What’s Overlooked. At a military base, the Corp of Engineers wanted to use an entry system where reservists, entering the base, would have to key in their PIN code in addition to using proximity cards. We calculated the time to do this multiplied by the number of reservists’ vehicles arriving for weekend duty and multiplied by the average length of a vehicle. We informed the Corp that their plan would result in a two mile traffic backup on a major road. We recommended alternate solutions.