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Determining which type of security solution or which combination of methods is best is crucial to effective security. Many security companies are doggedly focused on one method, corresponding to what they sell, and this may result in tunnel vision, whereas success requires the ability to see the whole picture. We employ a comprehensive, fourfold approach:

Electronic security

As terrific as technology is, intelligent application requires good design overview. This is where the senior level management we supply is so important. No one with less than 20 – 30 years expertise in industrial, military and penal security will manage your project.

Physical barriers

Physical barriers such as fences and gates are best for certain objectives such as protecting children from dangerous conditions on your grounds or stopping illegal short-load dumping of trash or contaminated loads. Motorized gates and access controls reduce the number of events electronically monitored.  

Psychological operative techniques

These methods are best for detection and intervention in employee violence and have important uses for deterrence of employee theft. It is possible to elicit team-playing from honest employees and break the ring of employee thieves. 


No truly effective security plan is completely hands-off or outsourced. While we can do most parts in a turnkey way, alleviating your time, there are things that owners and managers should know. 


Backed by the world-leading technology and support of VideoIQ’s engineers and our own alarm/camera/surveillance technicians with over thirty years professional experience and our I.T. experts, Perimeter Protective Systems assures you the optimal mix of technology and mature security overview in a comprehensive integration of solutions.