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Proactive Surveillance, Network Efficiency, Simple Installation

How VideoIQ Works

Perimeter’s iCVR

The iCVR camera and encoder family delivers intelligent video surveillance while eliminating the need for external third party Network Video Recorders (NVR), Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and Video Management System (VMS) platforms and the bandwidth they consume. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor surveillance, perimeter security, or HD/megapixal camera functionality, using VideoIQ's innovative IP cameras and video analtyics the result is:

  • Proactive surveillance: VideoIQ’s adaptive analytics uniquely identify people, vehicles and boats from objects, animals and scene movement, ensuring the most accurate real-time threat detection on the market.

  • Network efficiency: By storing video within the onboard NVR, iCVR cameras and encoders can record at full resolution and frame rate – even full high definition with 1080p/30fps resolution – using no bandwidth at all. The overall system needs less than 10% of the bandwidth of high definition and conventional IP cameras, allowing customers to deploy over existing networks, wireless networks and cellular connections. And as every iCVR continuously records, they are always ready to send real-time alarms when threats are detected, stream live video on demand and perform sophisticated search.

  • Simple installation: with fully integrated, onboard NVR storage and an advanced VMS, iCVR cameras and encoders eliminate the need for expensive centralized storage – reducing deployment costs, system complexity, infrastructure, time and resources. Additionally, VideoIQ’s adaptive analytics automatically calibrate in minutes, getting more accurate with each object detected and further reducing installation time and resources. Customers simply need to mount a camera and connect the device to any network. It’s that simple.


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