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Indoor and IP66 Rated Outdoor Cameras with Superior Low Light Performance

iCVR Dome CamerasReal-time threat detection

Superior low light performance

Network efficient

Simple installation

Perimeter's iCVR dome cameras are revolutionary devices that deliver state of the art video quality, superior lens options, powerful analytics, zero bandwidth recording and a powerful video management system.  With up to half a terabyte of intelligent, onboard NVR storage within each camera, iCVR dome cameras eliminate the need for expensive centralized storage and high capacity networks – reducing deployment costs, system complexity, infrastructure, time and resources.  Additionally, our embedded, adaptive analytics automatically calibrate in minutes, delivering superior real-time threat detection and forensic evidence at no additional cost.

  • Adaptive analytics – our patented, award winning adaptive analytics are 100% self-calibrating, eliminating the need to tune or adjust the analytics during installation, and uniquely distinguish people, vehicles and boats from other objects, animals and scene movement to deliver the highest accuracy in the category, in all weather and lighting conditions
  • Zero bandwidth recording – unlike conventional IP video surveillance systems which have significant bandwidth and storage requirements, Perimeters VideoIQ iCVR dome cameras store video in up to half a terabyte of onboard storage for months worth of recording, eliminating the need to stream images across a network to a central NVR and reducing network traffic and bandwidth consumption by over 90%
  • Indoor and IP66 rated outdoor domes – our dome cameras range from economical indoor models to fully featured outdoor models that are designed for the most challenging environments
  • Integrated with your Video Management System – iCVR dome cameras are pre-integrated with many 3rdparty Video Management Systems, including providers like Genetec, Lenel, Milestone and OnSSI