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Ken HantmannKen Hantman

Ken Hantman has spent over thirty years providing astute security, safety and operations advice and quality service to major industries, institutions, military and prison facilities and customers such as Mobil Research, Einstein Medical, Ametek U.S. Gauge Division, BFI, Waste Management, Comcast, Conoco Phillips, Exxon, GATX Terminals, Hess, Inolex, Interstate Realty Management, Kinder Morgan, Penna. Hospital, Temple University, Parkway Corporation, Giles & Ransome, US Postal Service, US Navy, US Dept of Treasury, Smith Kline, Cushman & Wakefield, Verizon, Conrail, IRS, PECO, PIDC, University of Penna., Sun Refinery and many others, as well as to smaller clients.

He has done expert witness work on liability reduction in three states and advised insurance companies, courts, lawyers, and architects. He had voting privileges on ASTM International (engineering and technology research non-profit foundation founded 1898, setting standards used worldwide).

Ken is presently developing a series of interactive training webisodes on safety, security and employee attitude and creativity. This will be a fee-based training for industry and institutions and paired with in-person training. He is partnered in this enterprise with G.A. Bartik, one of the country’s top business coaches who coaches 1-in-5 of the Fortune® Fifty companies including Google. Following G.A.’s successful model, this will not simply provide training but will create behavior change and new ways of thinking.

Recognizing that security alarm companies tended to ignore building perimeters due to the high false-alarm rate of the prevailing systems, Ken saw a need for something that would operate in real time to prevent crimes. Also he recognized that business owners want control of their business and remote access to it.

“Video analytics is the most exciting advance in security technology I have seen in thirty years in the industry.” — Ken Hantman

He saw the following problems:

  • Fences, burglar alarm systems and typical video systems give property owners an illusion of security.
  • No security companies offered an integrated approach. Hardware alone is never the answer without thoughtful analysis of all the human elements.
  • Most businesses won’t expend the money to adequately protect themselves but they become “hot prospects” as soon as they have suffered a bad loss— unfortunate timing for them, to be sure.

He found the following answers:

  • He assembled a team comprised of associates with decades of expertise and leadership in the commercial security alarm, surveillance and monitoring fields. He brought in a resourceful I.T. expert experienced in camera surveillance systems and networks. He vetted and lined up the best state-of-the-art manufacturers who are creating the new technology of video analytics with live “talk-down-to-site” capabilities, and intelligent systems. He brought in insurance experts and the area’s top leasing company as associates.
  • He figured out a way to deliver an integrated, state-of-the-art, proven system on a leased basis, with ongoing upgrades, such that for many customers it will require no outlay of money and cost them nothing. This is via insurance discounts.

It is the conjunction of the best technology with some low-tech but important procedural changes that can transform a business from an ongoing gamble or struggle of attrition to a place running in an optimal way with real security, safeness and wellness for employees. Ken has dedicated himself to helping clients achieve this. In general, based on real data from the F.B.I., the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, insurance companies and other sources, businesses in general lose about 70% of their profits to preventable worker’s comp claims, preventable slip & fall and liability claims, preventable sickness and sick days, employee theft, and outside theft, vandalism and sabotage. Ken can help most clients achieve a 35% increase in profits if they abide and carry out his suggestions. Many companies would be hard-pressed to increase their sales 35% — which is like the offensive line of the football team — but they can make just as much money by improving their defensive line.

Ken graduated from college with honors in psychology. He has maintained an interest in it as he has observed business owners and managers under stress from violent neighborhoods, out-of-control inventory “shrinkage”, vandalism and threats. A dysfunctional response to this follows a pattern: freezing into doing nothing or denial of it, seeking an all-or-nothing response, over-reaction to incidents followed by under-reaction of follow-up, and unwillingness to acknowledge the reality of undetected in-house employee theft. Part of the solution includes motivating honest employees to take part—it’s in their own benefit—in improving security for the company. Owners can feel very positive when they understand the tremendous advances in security technology and training in protocol and procedures now available through Perimeter Protective Systems. Today is 100 years advanced from 10 years ago. Perimeter Protective Systems provides fully integrated solutions in a turn-key way.

Harry Girsh

Harry Girsh is Perimeter’s associate for standard burglar alarms, sprinkler alarms and access control. He has run his own camera surveillance & alarm business for over thirty years, employing highly experienced technicians, designers and installers. Ken says of Harry, "Harry is one of the sharpest minds in security I have had the honor to know. You walk with him into a workplace and he immediately spots errors in the existing systems that have serious consequences. He thinks through in a practical way. He is a tremendous asset and has true expertise."

Scott Ratson

Scott Ratson has twenty-five years expertise in I.T., network integration, security systems, data security, virus removal, biometrics and RFID solutions. Scott has built all the electronics in two full broadcast TV stations, so his skills, compared to competitors’ techs, are many, many levels up. He is in charge of installations and any troubleshooting. Ken comments, "Many large security companies have techs who were hired a week ago and gone two weeks from now. They slap stuff into place, right or wrong. Their skill level, compared to Scott's, is like a child picking up a musical instrument for the first time, compared to a concert conductor or one of the Beatles! Integration with existing systems, firewalls, and working well with a client's I.T. person, where involved, all become easy with Scott in the lead."


Our monitoring center partners run a modern facility with a large staff of highly trained monitoring officers and utilize redundant systems for backup and four separate phone providers. Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this staff is really professional and dedicated. The people are there long-term. They are loyal and dedicated to their company and to their partners such as Perimeter.

Avigilon/VideoIQ, whose equipment we primarily employ, has the best engineers in the country in video analytic software constantly leading the state of the art and available to work with us and consult on our projects.