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Central Monitoring — Remote Intelligent Video Monitoring

  • Our central monitoring station is staffed by seasoned professionals employing all the advantages of our intelligent VideoIQ Track system.
  • Our monitoring officers do not have to do the humanly impossible or humiliating task of trying to stare at a monitored image, for example, of a scene of some stacked pallets in a warehouse for eight hours per day. Instead the computer video analytics does that. It is only when the computer detects a rule violation and sends an alert that the officer swings into action.
  • The monitoring officer is surrounded by associates and supervisors in a pleasant workspace. This assures redundancy and back-up for any possible instances of human error, inattention or illness. In other words, alerts are audibly and visibly broadcast into the monitoring station workroom.
  • While alerts may also be sent to the customer’s onsite security staff or to assigned managers or business owners via their computers or via their smart phones, it is crucial that our central monitors receive the alert as the primary responders trained in this. Being offsite it also removes the possibility of any compromise in security. Namely, onsite guards may be compromised and according to insurance industry statistics 40% of industrial/ commercial crimes are guard-assisted. Our set-up eliminates this problem. 
  • Our central monitoring officers can perform “talk-downs” directly to trespassers or even to loitering employees, following a script developed with our customer.
  • Our monitors can perform “look-downs” where they may closely examine suspected things. They may look for safety rule compliance and other things such as whether a service lot gate has been relocked or left open. They will be alerted if an employee has driven their personal pickup truck into a storage yard, and in this case observe what the employee is loading into his truck.
  • If communication to the police is required our monitor’s call will be received with priority and respected by the police as our monitor stays on the phone and guides the police directly to the perpetrator, all the while recording in high definition. This is advanced technology, available today.
  • Video Escorts are appreciated by employees who must go to their car in a lot at night in an area with some risks.