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Eliminate Trenching and Extend Wireless Deployments

The high cost of patrols and limited available infrastructure make parks difficult to monitor.  Even with the increased use of wireless networks, traditional cameras and newer high definition surveillance can quickly exceed the available bandwidth necessary to stream video back to a central location, until now.

Security solutions for parksPerimeter can help protect parks through:

Extended wireless deployments

Our cameras and encoders are the best choice for deployment on any wireless network because VideoIQ's iCVR records all video in a fully integrated, onboard NVR, eliminating the bandwidth used to backhaul video to centralized storage. Traditional limits on camera density for a network are eliminated.

Minimal infrastructure

We reduce upfront cost, installation time and ongoing maintenance by archiving all video - even full high definition 1080p/30 fps resolution - in a fully integrated onboard NVR and eliminating the need for external storage servers, dedicated high capacity networks and secure IT facilities to house them.

Proactive 24/7 monitoring

Our VideoIQ cameras and encoders increase the effectiveness and efficiency of guards, police forces and central stations by delivering the market's leading real-time event detection, notifying the either roaming patrols or a monitoring station when events of interest occur (e.g. crowd formation, loitering, trespassing, dwell time, etc.).

Immediate event verification and response

Our cameras and encoders allow roaming patrols and central monitoring stations to remotely verify and respond to threats by delivering verification video clips to smart phones and VMS platforms.