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Video Security Systems with Video Analytics

Most simply explained, it is “computers watching cameras watching people.” Basically, instead relying on a guard to watch one of those split-screen monitors showing four little images from four cameras which switch out every few seconds to images from four other cameras, video analytics utilizes computer software that can recognize the human form and vehicles. The computer watches all cameras simultaneously without ever “blinking an eye” 24/7. It has vastly more acuity than a human.

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Security Consultant Utilizing BRS AISight®

As your security consultant for AI Video solutions like BRS AISight®, we will evaluate your security needs, recommend various behavioral recognition systems and share our expertise with you. Depending on your needs we may recommend Avigilon’ end-to-end surveillance and LightCatcher® technology or SightLogix’s automatic ptz cameras for very low light situations. The change in technology means that instead of just recording events we can intercept them in real time as they happen.  

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Video Surveillance Companies in PA, NJ & DE

We handle security camera installation or converting your existing cameras into a system capable of analyzing on its own what is going on and what looks like a problem. Video surveillance that leverages artificial intelligence will take your security monitoring to the next level.

Video IQ and Behavioral Analytics for Identifying Risks or Threats

The “edge architecture” of VideoIQ (now Avigilon) allows for zero bandwidth continuous recording because the hard drive is in the camera. This dramatically reduces false alerts due to the adaptive analytics.  VideoIQ intelligence automatically identifies, tracks suspicious objects (persons or vehicles), zooms-in on and delivers enhanced detail, while the system continues to record the entire scene. Live-view streams the scene when requested for human review.

Perimeter Protective Systems

Perimeter Protective Systems utilizes the world’s best video analytic technology. Perimeter then adds to the equation by using only top level, senior project managers for each project. Our expertise is at your service and is dedicated to maximizing your security. We have advised police, military, prisons and industry for decades. Our technicians are expert in camera and monitoring installation and networking and integration of systems.

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Crime Statistics

Top security and government agencies estimate that crime can be costing your business anywhere from 2% - 5% of your gross revenue.  

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Is Perimeter Right for You?

Perimeter's VideoIQ is the only solution that protects like a guard at 1/5th the cost and dramatically reduces installation time and resources for ANY deployment. 

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