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Discovery, training and consulting protecting your business from all areas of loss

  • Sickness at work
  • External theft 
  • Work comp incidents
  • Internal theft
  • Slip & fall & public liability
  • Fraud
  • Anti-company employees
  • Workplace violence
  • Unplanned expenses and emergencies  
  • Fire
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Injuries to trespassing children
  • Undetected losses
  • Adverse public relations

“We plan in order to prevent the unplanned things …

So that you don’t have to experience them.”

On "Verbally Defusing Violent Confrontations"

“This video outlines a new and effective technique for verbally defusing violent confrontations. This should be required viewing for HR professionals, people in the service industry, business leaders, teachers, mid-level managers and many others. This technique for verbally defusing violent conflicts is highly-transferable to a number of different contexts. Specific and effective, the tips presented here should be immediately usable. One hopes that they will never need to actually employ any of these techniques, but should a violent confrontation occur, this will prove to be money well-invested.”

Dr. Evan Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution at Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

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