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Answer Yes to Any of These Questions and VideoIQ is Right For You

Is Perimeter's VideoIQ Right for You?Theft and Vandalism

  • Have you experienced theft or vandalism in the past 12 months?
  • Do you employ a guard of patrol service?

Critical Infrastructure

  • Do you have onsite guards?
  • How important is protecting your perimeter?
  • Do you face terrorist threats?
  • Are you interested in Video Analytics?

Wireless Deployments

  • Are you planning or would you like to use a wireless network to connect cameras?
  • Is trenching too expensive for your site?
  • Do you have to install a fiber optic or dedicated high capacity network for your security solution?

Multi-Site Deployments

  • Do you have more than one site?
  • How many cameras do you have at each site and what type of IT infrastructure is needed to support the deployment?

Perimeter's VideoIQ is the only solution that protects like a guard at 1/5th the cost and dramatically reduces installation time and resources for ANY deployment.  Visit How Perimeter's VideoIQ Works, our product pages, solution guides and resource center for more information.