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Guard Level Security Anywhere at 1/5th the Cost

Vandals and thieves continue to target service depots for high value items including vehicle parts, specialty tools, building materials, metals and the vehicles themselves.  With the high cost of on-site guards, it is often difficult and costly to protect an organization’s service depots from theft until now.

Security for service depotsPerimeter helps protect service depots through:

Proactive 24/7 monitoring

Our cameras and encoders increase the effectiveness and efficiency of guards and central stations by delivering the market's leading real-time event detection, notifying roaming patrols and monitoring stations when events of interest occur (e.g. trespassing, crowd formation, loitering, dwell time, object removed, etc.).

Immediate event verification and response

Perimeter's IP cameras and encoders enable roaming patrols and central monitoring stations to verify, respond and prevent incidents in real-time by delivering pre and post alarm clips to smart phones and VMS platforms and providing live video plus 2 way audio to cameras.

Minimal infrastructure

Perimeter's solution reduces upfront cost, installation time and ongoing maintenance by archiving all video - even 1080p/30 fps HD resolution - in a fully integrated onboard NVR, eliminating the need for external storage servers, dedicated high capacity networks and secure IT facilities to house them.

Zero bandwidth recording

We consume 90% less bandwidth than traditional IP and high definition cameras by storing video in a fully integrated, onboard NVR and eliminating the bandwidth used to backhaul video to centralized storage. Of course, stored and live video is always available at the click of a mouse.

Simple installation

Our cameras and encoders are easier to install then traditional IP or high definition cameras because the iCVR's fully integrated onboard NVR eliminates the need to deploy any external servers and VideoIQ's adaptive video analytics are 100% self-calibrating, eliminating the need to manually calibrate or tune the analytics in the field.

Intelligent logging of all vehicles and personnel

We accelerate investigations from days to minutes by intelligently profiling and tagging every person and vehicle seen at the site, allowing operators to rapidly search terabytes of stored video at the click of a button for rule violations, and even search for matches for a particular object across all cameras and encoders in the system.