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Benefits and Features of Video Analytics

1. Video Analytics Can Be Called  “Computers Watching Cameras Watching People"

Computers never get bored or tired. They can watch a hundred cameras at once and see where no human could. The software is designed to detect the human form so that false alarms from dogs, birds, deer, leaves, wind, etc. are eliminated. It can also watch vehicles. “Virtual tripwires” or “virtual fence” can be defined around any area and configuration. High definition images can be recorded when incidents are recorded.

2. The System is Very Smart

The software looks for suspicious behavior. Pre-set rules are programmed customized to your situation. For example someone approaching an exit door from outside is suspicious. Exiting is okay. Rules include: object in area(person or vehicle); loitering in area beyond allowed time; directional or bi-directional trip-wire; direction of travel (for examples cars driving wrong way on one-way only lane); crowd alert (too many people congregating; two-man rule (if for safety there must be two present); object missing or removed. Other rules are being developed.    

3. Monitoring is Done Offsite

Given that 40% of industrial crimes are guard-assisted according to insurance industry statistics, it makes sense to have the person who receives the alert be offsite, so he can’t be paid-off.  Also, alerts can additionally be sent to your smart-phone, e-mail, and to your in-house guard.

4. Additional Features Are Directed at Other Needs

A cigarette break is 3 minutes, not 30. The program can respond to this.  Cars should stop at the gatehouse but don’t. The system will detect this and identify the vehicle.  A remote area is supposed to be mowed by the landscaper weekly. His absence can be detected. Someone claims to have slipped and fallen on your steps last Tuesday. The stored data shows they weren’t there.


5. "Talk-Down" or "Verified Breach Report" or Both

A unique feature that utilizes an outdoor public address system allows the central monitoring security person to talk directly to an intruder. This is not like those canned, recorded “Warning, Warning, Your presence has been detected, Warning, Warning…” things that everyone ignores. This is a live person saying, “Hey, you in the green sweatshirt and hat on backwards — I just saw you climb over the fence. Climb back out now and don’t ever think about coming back here again.”

Alternatively you may elect to not make any announcement but to instead have the police called. Police no longer respond to the old, high-false alarm systems but they do respond very well to live, verified breach reports of incidents-in-progress. Then the monitor guides the police to the exact location on your grounds of the perpetrators.

The talk-down feature is also used in a friendlier way at car dealerships with no fences where they want people to look at the cars, but not kids to vandalize the cars. The monitoring person greets them over the address system. In another application, if your employees are over the three-minute cigarette break, the monitor in a friendly way can say, “Hey guys — hope you had a good smoke. Let’s get back in there and beat the competition.” You can provide a script and allow some improvisation.

6. Tours, Escorts, and Controlled Access 

It is possible to have the monitoring person do a visual tour at specified times. For example if tarps are to be placed over steel before it is shipped, the monitoring person can see if this is being done. If tools are to be removed from trucks at night, this can be viewed. If employees want to be watched or have the parking lot watched as they go to their car at night, this can be done. If you want the monitoring person to verify who is driving in and out during hours or after hours, or to control a barrier arm or slide gate, this can be done. There are many special circumstances that can be addressed.

7. Your Existing Security System Can Remain in Effect 

Our system can stand alone or it can integrate with elements of your existing system. Your existing alarm and fire alarm system should remain in effect. However, the video analytics can be applied to interior security as well.

8. Archived Storage of Data is Available 

Stored data is more compressed because there is only recording of real incidents, not false alarms. Data can be stored for two years optionally. Otherwise typically storage is the most recent two months.

9. Turn-Key Operation

We are making your perimeter security concerns our turn-key solution. Our technicians install and configure your system, working with manufacturer’s in-house engineers. We lease the system so that there is perpetual optimization. All new software upgrades applicable to your needs are included. A minimum of yearly on-site security consultation review is done to address any changes in your needs or environment. The initial install will address wiring, electrical requirements, lighting requirements and mounting, programming and adjustment. We include extended warranties or replacement for the life of your lease. Retrofit of fencing or gates or addition of gate operators and access controls may be part of your package. Copyrighted signage to discourage trespass is included. All elements of perimeter security are addressed including physical features, landscape, traffic patterns, and operational matters. Recommendations of how to promote cooperation from your honest employees is included.

10. Security Means Liability Reduction

Insurance companies raise your rates if you have guard dogs. Likewise razor ribbon — highly ineffective in unsupervised places since you can just cut through a fence — only raises liability. Guards patrolling rounds to punch-clocks can be “timed” by the bad guys so they go where the guard isn’t. Twenty percent of small businesses fail due to crimes. When major losses occur, insurance rates can go up by 30% to 300% to simply uninsurable. Perimeter Protective Systems is your best investment in your security and your future.