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Advanced Video Management System

VideoIQ View IQTrack automatic digital PTZ

Click and Search forensic investigation

Alarm event timeline

Event-driven monitoring, verification and response

VideoIQ View™ is an advanced video management system with unique capabilities based on real-time video analytics, megapixel resolution, and decentralized storage.  VideoIQ View monitors the health and alarm status of hundreds of cameras and encoders simultaneously, provides live viewing of any 32 standard or high definition cameras, alerts operators to potential threats automatically, rapidly searches recorded video for incidents, object types, and particular individuals, and exports watermarked video for use in formal investigations.  VideoIQ View also provides initial camera set-up, analytic rule configuration, and optional archive of video from any camera in your system.  VideoIQ View is included free with every iCVR camera and encoder.  With View, we deliver the simplest, most powerful video surveillance system available today.

  • IQTrack™ - this industry first enhances operator effectiveness by automatically identifying, tracking and zooming in on people and vehicles to deliver enhanced detail while continuing to monitor and record the entire scene
  • Full 1080p/30 fps viewing – VideoIQ View is designed for resolutions up to 1080p video, delivering dramatic clarity and detail
  • Event-driven monitoring, verification and response – VideoIQ View delivers the most sophisticated site monitoring and response capabilities of any video management system, allowing operators to monitor hundreds of cameras simultaneously through its alarm monitoring view, automatic alarm clips and live alarm view pop-ups.  And with 2 way audio to the site to confront and mitigate the threats, VideoIQ View delivers true proactive surveillance
  • Click and Search™ - VideoIQ View lets operators search by rule violation across any number of cameras, by object type, and even for a specific person or vehicle with just a click of the mouse, reducing forensic search from days to minutes
  • Event Timeline –With VideoIQ View’s unique event timeline, operators have immediate access to all event video verification clips organized by time, allowing them to compress and review a day’s worth of relevant activity in a matter of minutes