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We are passionate about helping the corporate and institutional public reduce preventable losses, injuries and tragedies. As part of our mission to do this we offer, for a limited time, free training on verbally defusing violent confrontations. Our training has been praised by the former Director of Conflict Resolution for the Carter Center, by U.N. mediators, police trainers, and corporate risk managers.

Alternatively, we offer training on reducing public liability issues and workers comp incidents. This includes how to identify hazards in an ongoing way, how to effectively change the culture on safety, and new procedures, protocols and forms.

To qualify, a prospect must be a company or institution with 200+ employees and we will have to speak with a C level officer, and subject to that you will qualify if there is an expression of a desire to cut losses, and an understanding of a realistic budget with R.O.I. in mind. Further, we would be willing to meet with the serious prospect's insurer to see if a scheduled premium credit could be obtained in exchange for implementing our A.I. security improvements, which are available on a lease basis, such that the premium savings may fully or partially
fund the technology.

We feel this is a much more significant offer than, say, the chance to win an iPhone, or some such promotional thing. With advances in technology and with training you can help your company to stop losing what you have been losing, or what in the future you may lose from workers comp, public liability, sickness, theft and other losses. For the typical corporation or institution these losses in total average 15% of revenues year after year.

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