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Perimeter Protective System’s advanced artificial intelligence surveillance systems make it possible to protect property even when no fencing exists. Despite that, fencing and access controls can be a definite asset. In many situations it is absolutely required, such as protecting dangerous artificial conditions, transformers, gas tanks, and ground level mechanical equipment.

In his former business, Perimeter’s principal Ken Hantman had voting privileges on the American Society of Testing Material’s Fencing Subcommittee as one of six fence contractors in the world so qualified. His innovations in fence design and specifications became standard practice by many leading architects, engineers and governmental agencies.

Today, Perimeter serves in a consultative way to five of the best fence, guide rail, and ornamental iron companies as well as a superior guard service. Your request will be assigned to the company most appropriate to the type, size and scope of the work. Your work will be directly contracted by that company to you. You pay the same price, but by using us to arrange this, Ken Hantman’s design consultation is included at no extra cost. You are assured an extra level of supervision. Ken is acting as your broker to obtain the best price for you and to assist in design. This service is limited to a sixty mile radius of Philadelphia with the exception of temporary fence available in thirteen states.

Eagle Fence Company

Founded in 1978, Eagle Fence has a distinguished history of commercial, industrial and institutional fencing. They have fenced in Limerick Nuclear power plant, Bank One’s corporate computer campus, and thousands of other demanding jobs. They have built a gate that opens in excess of 100’ width, a shield to protect from falling ice from a radio tower 300’ tall, fences that cross rushing streams and lift to accommodate to the water level, and all manner of crafted solutions for schools, hospitals, military bases, prisons, and industry. They also offer fiberglass sound-walls by Carsonite Products.

Motorized gate that opens more than 100’ width

Area Enclosures Fence Company

For over twenty years Area Enclosures has produced thrilled customers in residential, commercial and industrial fencing. Personable and customer-service oriented, they excel at wood fencing, PVC, tubular ornamental, and chain-link. They also provide masonry work and columns, as well as agricultural fence and grates.

Wood fence, pressure treated or cedar, enhances an apartment complex.

Komplete Welding Inc.

For nearly thirty years Komplete has provided top quality custom ornamental fence and railings in steel and aluminum, as well as window guards, grates, staircases and structural steel work. They are a certified DBE contractor under the Unified Certification Program and have worked for all major contractors and have done work for SEPTA, Phila Housing Authority, Amtrak, Philadelphia Water Dep’t, USPS and many others.

Road Safety Systems

RSS provides guide rails, both steel and timber, for highway and commercial use. They also do signs, sign supports and solar supports. They are SBE/ESBE certified and prequalified with State of NJ Dep’t of Transportation, the NJ School Development Authority, PennDOT and NJTPK.

Guide rail protects property and lives.

Federal Rent-a-Fence

As you read this page, Federal will have installed some more thousands of feet of temporary fence. Due to extremely reliable service the company has consistently grown and spread its success into thirteen states. They provide temporary fence constructed of chain link fence with posts driven into the ground, as well as temporary fence panels and gates. Fencing is available 6’ or 8’ high with optional barb wire or tension wire and optional windscreen for privacy.

Temporary fence should be used wherever construction is being done.

Federal Security Services

Just a coincidence of names, Federal Security Services is not related to Federal Rent-a-Fence. Federal Security Services is run by Pat Corcoran who is a former police office and U.S. Marine who served with anti-terrorist duties. His carefully screened and trained security officers are licensed and insured and provide security at shopping malls, universities, hospitals, industrial parks, construction sites, and special events.

The value of a guard service depends on the quality of screening, training, & supervision.